Here you can find links to resources you might find useful.

  • Cat Mario (Syobon Action) for Windows – The mother of all rage games. If you want to download Cat Mario you can do so here.
  • Cat Mario 2 (Syobon Action 2) for Windows – The sequel to the original. You can download it from here. !!! Before pressing ENTER on the splash screen, press the ‘5’ key on your keyboard otherwise it will start in level 1 of the first Cat Mario.
  • Cat Mario 3 (Syobon Action 3) for Windows – The sequel to the sequel. You can get it at here. This one runs OK right out of the box no need to press any extra keys. Be sure to check New Cat Mario 3 bellow, which is an entirely different game.
  • NEW Cat Mario 3 for Windows – The prettiest rage game I’ve encountered. I highly recommend this to everyone. Download NEW Cat Mario 3 here.
  • I Wanna Be The Guy: The Movie: The game for Windows – This game is really difficult but it has a lot of references to NES/SNES which make it worth to play. Can be downloaded here.
  • I Wanna be the Guy: Gaiden for Windows – The sequel to I Wanna Be The Guy. Highly recommended if you want to play the latest in rage gaming. Download here.
  • Mario Brothers Frustration for Windows – A hack of the original Super Mario Bros. You will need an emulator to play it. All you need is in the archive here.
  • The Unfair Platformer – Very original in many ways. You can play it in the browser by visiting this link.

If you notice that a link is broken, please let us a comment bellow and we will fix it.


  1. The Mario Brothers Frustration it’s not working, I mean, it’s working, but, the file is deleted.

    • Eugenie, we’ll try to find solutions for the MAC users as well. Worst case scenario we’ll port them to MAC personally :p.

  2. Found a 4th one called New Syobon Action at (the Mario Fan Game Galaxy).

  3. Yo cum on dawg i rlly wish yall had dat game her 4 da MAC naw wut ah meen? I got dis her mac an cant downlode da guds cuz they aint no downlode 4 it ya naw?

  4. Mario bros frustration sounds super cool, but I’m not home a lot and I usually only have my iPod on me. Can I still download this game without having to throw out my wonderful device (which I’m TOTALLY obsessed with)?

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