New Cat Mario 3 – The sequel to the sequel to … I don’t even know anymore

Cat Mario 3 Intro

Cat Mario 3 Intro

So I’ve been looking on the internet for fresh new rage games and guess what? There’s another version of Cat Mario 3 called … yes you’ve guessed it! Cat Mario 3! While barely containing my rage-gasm I immediately pressed download. First thing I notice is that this game is approximately 40Mb in size, so be sure to download it only after you’ve returned from your time traveling safari through the 90’s. While I wait for it to download I make sure I have my defibrillator next to me and 911 on speed dial.

And it’s done downloading. It’s time to jump in and commit mental suicide. First thing that pops in my mind? It’s damn pretty! One of the prettiest graphics I’ve seen in a rage game. It’s like baby kittens sneezing. You’ll have rainbows ejaculating from your brain and out of your eyes and down on your keyboard (and defibrillator)! I love it! The graphics are just like in the first Cat Mario … only better!

Ohh … What’s this? I am asked to press space next to a sign post. Just when I thought I was safe behind the anonymity of the internet, I found out I was wrong. The developer of the game knows me, and he knows me good. This is the message that pops on my screen: “Welcome to the game for perverts….” *giggity, giggity*Make it through all these indecent and stupid to eat your vegetables levels. I hope you lose.

The rest is history: x1, x0, x-1,… , x-25. And I’m still stuck on the first screen. This game really knows how to put FFFFFFUUUUUU into FUN. Everything in it is Cat Mario – like. It has all the traps and enemies we love to hate and a few extra more. I put this at the top of my list as being one of the best rage games out there.

So what are you waiting for? Go to the resources page and download it – NEW Cat Mario 3!

  1. OMG im going to murder oyu


  3. è un gioco pieno di trappole ma a me piace molto

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