Cat Mario: About the game and download links.

Falling in the pit after hitting an invisible block.

Cat Mario (also known as Syobon Action), is a 2D video game notoriously know for doing everything it can to give the player a heart attack from raging. This is because of the many traps that behave differently from what you’d expect them to. Even more, the traps are disguised as harmless objects, which makes the rage be even more “delicious”.

For example, the clouds will kill you if you touch them. After that their graphics will change to a cheesy grin as if saying “Problem?”.

There are invisible blocks that activate only when you hit them. These are usually placed before gaps that you need to jump (as in the picture above). You’d expect to make it to the other side by just jumping over it. Not in this game. The block will activate and send you falling to your death. You will need to time your jumps carefully and think twice when pressing the jump button.

As if this wasn’t enough, sometimes you will need to activate this invisible blocks so you can jump on top of them to be able to jump over a more difficult obstacle. More often than not you’ll find yourself jumping in the air like an idiot for 15 minutes trying to find that invisible block to jump on.

Mushrooms (similar to those in Super Mario Bros. games) will make you grow to a colossal size breaking the floor underneath you causing you to fall to your death.

Little springs that you’d so very much like to use to jump over a wall, will unapologetically send you flying out of the level and on your way to a fresh run through the level.

Platforms in between gaps, which you intend to land on, will split down the middle at just the right time so that you can bathe in the refreshing lava underneath it.

Over the internet, the game is cited as a gaming parody of the classic Super Mario Bros. game, and for good reasons. Most of the traps are placed in such a way to use the player’s own memories of Super Mario Bros. against them.

In other words, this game will leave you with the impression that it really, really, hates you and you’ll have to think twice at every step. After you die a couple of times (and you will, trust me, at least 100 times) you will learn to like it and appreciate it for its intelligent design.

For the brave ones that want to give it a try, you can find information on how to download Cat Mario (Syobon Action) on our resources page.

If you just want to watch other people get “hurt” (which is really funny, I must admit so myself) stay tuned because we’ll be uploading “Let’s play” videos really soon.

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